Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break

This last week was Spring Break! Being that Shawn had made it a goal to get perfect attendance this year, this was our chance to go and have some fun.  

First thing was to go to Baker and get the 1st strawberries of the season and they were oh so good!
I think he likes the strawberries!

Our little Linus

What  I didn't want to see when we were looking for a gas station on the way to Orlando, but we made it !

Sea World!

William with one of the dogs from the pet show,it was one of his favorite shows.

Sariah and Shawn on a paddle boat

Shawn and Todd on the flying crab ride

Shawn by a ice glacier (well a fake sea world one)


Oh no it's going to eat him!

Touching the sting rays

We had fun seeing all the shows.

Swimming with his new life vest,  I think he likes it.