Friday, April 30, 2010

We found this little pond today and it was covered with blackberries. The Berries are not ripe yet but Shawn enjoyed picking them and eating them anyways.
I was trying to get a picture with William looking at the book with the bronze figure, but it didn't work out that well.
Shawn is a super rock climber now. He love to climb at the parks here.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Haunted Fishing

Here's the description from the Geocaching website

This cache should be completed at night. Therefore a flashlight is required. The listed coordinates are where you should start, not where the cache is located. To find the cache you will need to complete a moderate hike through the woods looking for alternating red/white reflections. You may need to look around to find the next reflector.
The trail will meander along the shores of Reynolds Lake. Legend has it that a teenager drowned in this lake, and his boat is still anchored at the edge of the lake in tribute. Rumor has it that at night his ghost can be seen still fishing from the boat.

(I borrowed some night vision in hopes to capture the paranormal)

It was a slightly overcast day filled with promises of rain, and bad weather, promises that time to time would hold true, and then swiftly cease, leaving behind only dark clouds, and heavy dense air. Clouds that moved slowly still looming full of threats as they moved by drearily with the occasional roar of thunder far off in the distance. Could this be the absolute ideal time to attempt "Haunted Fishing?" Yes! A quick Check list was in order and then we were ready to go. Dark, Check! Damp, Check! Flashlights, Check! Full set of adult diapers, Double Check! With all the necessary supply's we were off to the well reputed "Haunted Fishing" cache. This was no walk in the park or loacal in town geocache, and definitely not a park and grab. All was quickly reassured as the trail head drew closer to view. Overgrown thick and dark, with the occasional sound of the local wildlife creating just enough background noise that one has to wonder, "would I hear, or did I hear, or what was that?" After weaving in and out through the trees searching for White reflectors, then Red, until we finally found Red and White! The cache was nestled not far away from the legendary and mythical boat, and yes it is still there. After finding the cache we started our way out and unlike the "Golden spider cache" there isn't any reflective way points to aid your return and before we knew it we found ourselves back near the cache and even closer to the boat, that's when I decided it was a good time to take some pics...

Here's a picture of the boat close up and personal, (this was taken by another cacher, but gives you a good idea of the eebidy-jeebidy level here)

Here's the crew after finishing the Haunted fishing cache, looks like somebody joined us?

Did the night vision prove successful in the capture of the paranormal, note that's the original boat from the first picture at least they've got a trolling motor now, ghosts ride in style? There is no way to get a boat in here, all roads are blocked off...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

He is now a thumb sucker :(

William has found his thumb and he is now a Thumb Sucker!:(

William's 1st trip to the beach

William sporting some shades for the Beach!
William in a Big hat! He didn't mind the hat so much but he didn't like the sand or the cool ocean water. I think that we will try again when the water is a little warmer.
Sleepy beach baby
Shawn and his beach castle?
It was a wonderful day for the Beach and Shawn loved playing in the sand and in the clear water.

Monday, April 19, 2010


For FHE we went Geocaching, I know that we do it all the time but we found one that was hidden under a large stone. And we thought that it would be fun to talk about Joseph Smith and how he got the golden plates. Believe it or not it was an excellent lesson, and we got to hike around for a little bit too:)

The many faces of William

William is getting Bigger every day and everyday I think he learns a new face. So here are the many faces of William.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bike A Thon

Shawn's Preschool did a Bike A Thon to try a raise money for St Judes Hospital. The kids had fun riding their Bikes and trikes at School.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We Love Geocaching, what can we say?

We have found that we love going geocaching, it gets us out of the house, and we go and see things that we didn't know about before.
Todd an Shawn near a Cache that we found on some hiking trails.
A friendly snake that we found while looking for a Cache.
Our First to Find pin that we got, for finding a new cache 1st!
Silly little William
The Cache
Collage Lake, FL a place that we didn't know was so close to us till geocaching!
Sunset on Paquito Bayou!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

After the Air Show

Sleepy Baby, He had a long day!
After the Air Show we decided to get a little geocaching in.

The geocache is above Shawn in the tree, can you see it?
Shawn swinging from a vine like Trazan
He found the Cache!
A small Cache behind a tree

An even smaller cache we found at a park

Our last cache of the day was a plane crash on the Eglin Range. The plane is in the Middle of a swamp, luckily it hadn't rained for a few days and we where able to get to it without getting too muddy. There were on the other had tons for biting bugs!

Eglin Air Show

Every Other Year there is an Air Show on Base, the 1st year we were here it was canceled because of lighting and wind. But this year the weather was nice and warm and we where able to go!

Here is Shawn in an Blue Angels plane, even thou we saw the Thunder Birds.
Shawn Strapping into one if the C-130's that his Dad works on.

Shawn in the Cockpit of an F-16 He was feeling pretty cool
We had to wait in line for 20min, for Shawn to get in the F-16, so Shawn was super excited when he got up to the steps to get into the plane.

Shawn and a Tank
Shawn on a Mine Motorcycle

The inside of a C-7 from the Vietnam war, this one had 21 bullet holes it in from Vietnam.

This video is of The Tora Tora Show that they did. It was pretty cool they had lots of big explosions on the ground during the show.