Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Latest BISHOPCREW Geocaching Adventures and happenings. 532 finds, so far...

Muggle Cards!!! Whats Geocaching? What's a Muggle?  Sometimes it can be a little difficult to explain Geocaching with out sounding crazy, partially because craziness is kind of a prerequisite, but to make it easier we made quick and easy pass along cards with a functioning QR Code and some basic information and rules.
Here's a cache container replacement that we put out for one of our caches after it was swiped "The Missing Link"  click this to see the cache page GC2YEHB now people can say the found the missing link!
 CAUGHT IN THE ACT!!! Note the Private Property No Trespassing sign.  However there was a cache there so we mad the quick grab and go!
Shawn found a super cool wooden Indian head nickle in a cache.

 This one was fierce!  we hacked our way through the jungle and thorns until we finally made it as usaual the Billdozer was worn out!

 Is that the Cache?
  It wasn't long on the hike into this one that the Billdozer was out cold...

 Cache?  Where are you?

 Probably one of the coolest Travel Bugs ever Wolfpack1999's cache mobile! TB4KE69
 Who brings a toothbrush caching?

 The Billdozer still has his toothbrush but later on he dropped it in the swamp and then tried to crawl under the fence and got stuck.
 Caching with the Wolfpack! TWC SEEDLING - Turkey Creek Nature Trail GC34ZBE