Saturday, February 6, 2010

William Rocking, and Rolling?

A few days ago, William and I were hanging out, so I decided to see how he would like some belly time. Well to say the least he didn't, He got a little angry started to grumble and then rolled over to his back. Thinking that is was some sort of fluke of nature I put him back on his stomach again and to my surprise he provided a instant replay! So the third time I got out my cell phone and tried again, so here he is at 9 days old showing off his new trick.

This is how Shawn Rolls!

The Adventure of the Free Go KartLater today we picked up a free Go Kart, it was free for good reason...

Shawn was pretty exited even though it didn't run and had a flat unrepairable tire?

We went right to work! The spark plug was fouled and wouldn't fire, so we fixed that with a spare that I had laying around for the mower. Then with some starting fluid it would start but wouldn't stay running, so we had a fuel delivery problem. Then next logical step was tearing into the carburetor, so we did.

I've found that most of the time when a small engine won't run after sitting for a while a good carburetor cleaning is all it takes and it was definitely the case for this one. The little main jet in the carb was all "gummed up." I've always thought that it's amazing that a little part like the one below will keep big and small engines alike from running.

Here it is all torn apart and ready to go back together!

Here's the results in the few videos below!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today we went to the Air Armament Museum. We've been tons of times just because it's so close to our place and Shawn really loves it. Here's the link to the static displays around the Museum.

He had to see the old AC-130 Gunship first and then we moved on to the rest. If you click on most of these pictures they have links with more information just in case you want some more information about the aircraft.

B-17 Flying Fortress (That little line under the belly gunner is Shawn)

MH-53 Pave Low (That's Shawn out in front of it)

B-52 Statofortress

While we were at the Museum walking around the out side exhibits a F-15 flew over too.

Shawn in front of a Mig-21 Fishbed

One of many static display Bombs.

02 Skymaster, Shawn and Todd, oh Trett, Todd Says thanks for the A-Team shirt!

XM800 Armored Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle

Couldn't really find out to much about this one other then it was a concept vehicle that failed, and it shares a name with another concept failure. So if your designing a concept anything don't use XM-800. Because in 1954 it didn't work for the Mercury either? Nice work XM Radio maybe its just the 800 combo that proves unlucky?

Shawn loves the Trainers, we can't stop at the Air Museum without him having to get in them at least once.

After the Museum we went to a place called Ci Ci's Pizza, It's a all you can eat Pizza place where we all ate for around $15. That's hard to beat, and probably the cheapest all around good food that I've eaten in a while.

Notice that Shawn is still wearing his hospital bracelet, he's pretty proud of his new little brother.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Great Bicycle Adventure
of 2010

Today Todd and Shawn went on a Bicycle Adventure, into the woods.

The Florida sand caused Shawn to have a few pretty good wipe outs but don't worry he's O.K.

This is probably how it seemed in the cartoon below, but it must not be too far off, note the similarities of the squirrel in the above picture and the one in the cartoon, its almost a spooky resemblance? (It's the small white dot at the base of the tree in the above picture, ah yes now you see it.)
Ah Civilization! At this point Shawn saw a cop car and must have figured that we were having to much fun to be legal so he bolted! I probably wouldn't have caught him but he got his foot caught in one of his pedals and wiped out again.

Here's a video right after he figured out how much fun dirt skids are.

Mom said that we had to be back before dark and I wasn't sure if we were going to make it.

Meanwhile back at home Mom and William were hanging out while William does what he does best... Sleeps.