Friday, December 30, 2011

The Latest BISHOPCREW Geocaching adventures

Today was a normal BISHOPSCREW set of geocaching adventures.  We've been working on a series of caches dedicated to the history and Archeology of North West Florida.  It has led us all over NW Florida and we've been to tons of Museums and awesome sites not to mention we might have even learned a thing or two.  Hopefully that's not stretching it to much?

 The Old Pensacola Fire Department.

 T. T. Wentworth Jr. Museum Pensacola FL.

 Interactive Fort

 Got It!  Shawn with Cache in hand.

 Fountain Fun.
 Here's a crazy Geo-coin that Todd got in a cache when he was TDY in YUMA AZ. Coins move from cache to cache and are tracked on this one has almost traveled around the world! It's traveled 9391 miles and started in Germany.  That info can be seen here.
 We left it in a cache in Pensacola.  Hope it makes it back to Germany?
 Shawn and the "Billdozer" reading the map.

 Civil War camp exhibit.
WWII Jacket
Falcon in the park, and one less pigeon. 
William and a gazebo in a park.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas tree 2011

This Saturday we went out to find the perfect Florida sand pine aka Our Christmas tree. Shawn got to be the one to chop it down so here he is doing a little practicing.

The tree!
Willing chilling and eating while the tree gets ready to come home.

And here it is in all is Florida charlie brown Christmas tree glory! And this year I think that we found our best one yet. You can't beat the memories or the price :) Just one dollar!